Heavy Combination (HC) - Unrestricted

To apply to upgrade to class HC you must have held a class MR or HR driver's licence for at least 12 months. Farmers or Farm workers can also be eligible to go straight from CAR to a HC licence through a Farmers Exemption permit. (conditions apply)

Allied Commercial Training can offer class HC training in our vehicles, or additionally in your own vehicle as long as it meets the minimum requirements as set out by the Government of South Australia.
[Government Requirements PDF]

Vehicles typically covered by class HC include a prime mover pulling a single semi trailer to which an unladen convertor dolly may be attached; a heavy rigid truck and ‘dog’ trailer (commonly found in tippers); and large, over-sized load single trailer trucks as in the house moving or heavy haulage industries. Most HC work will be local or intrastate (i.e. – day trips or overnighters).

ACT have found most applicants require 16 – 25 hours training to achieve competency in class HC.

Manoeuvres for HC Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) are:

  • Vehicle check

  • Reverse around a left hand corner

  • Uncouple and Couple the trailer

  • Up and Downhill starts

Additionally, HC Competency Based Training (CBT or logbook) will include reversing in a straight line.

HC is generally the licence required by most farmers or farm hands as a minimum when ‘harvest’ occurs. Farmers can apply for an exemption to the minimum requirements if going from class C to HC. There are two ways of doing this which ACT can help with.

To obtain an unrestricted HC licence, you must become proficient with the use of a constant mesh “roadranger” gearbox. We recommend consulting YouTube for an idea of how to use a roadranger gearbox.

Note – You may operate any vehicle which falls into a lower licence class, e.g. HR, MR, LR or class C.