Medium Rigid (MR)

To apply to upgrade to class MR you must have held a class C driver's licence for at least 12 months.

Allied Commercial Training can offer class MR training in our vehicle, or additionally in your own vehicle as long as it meets the minimum requirements as set out by the Government of South Australia.
[Government Requirements PDF]

Vehicles typically covered by class MR include 2 axle delivery trucks or vans above 8,000kg GVM; larger 2 axle buses; and most privately-owned large motor homes with a GVM above 8,000kg GVM.

We have found most applicants require 8 – 10 hours training to achieve competency in class MR.

Manoeuvres for MR Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) are

  • Vehicle check

  • Reverse parallel park

  • Reverse around a left hand corner

  • Up and Downhill starts

Additionally, MR Competency Based Training (CBT or logbook) will include reversing in a straight line.

Note – You may operate any vehicle which falls into a lower licence class, e.g. LR or class C.